Plex Help

Plex integration with Multistream operates at two levels. You have the usual playing of a URL, or you can connect directly to your Plex server to get access to searching and browsing of your own content!

Use Plex without configuring Multistream

If you use Plex without configuring Multistream, you have to post the full URL to the track. This is useful for playing your Plex served content on other peoples Multistream devices.

Unfortunately, Linden Labs have REMOVED support for MP4. Only videos in other supported codecs will play.

Step 1

Go to Plex and locate the video or music you wish to play from your library. Look for Get Info menu item.

Step 2

Copy the View XML link for the stream to your computers clipboard.

Make sure you get external Plex links to your library. Local addresses in the URL will not work. You will need UPnP setup and registered at

Step 3

Make a request from your StreamIT.ME device and supply the URL obtained in Step 2 by pasting it in.

Connecting Your Plex Server to your Multistream Device

By doing this, you will be able to search and browser your Plex servers content from within the Multistream user interface.

Step 1

From your in-world receiver, access the Web Control Panel and follow the instructions.

If you have never logged on to StreamIT.ME an account will be created for you.

Alternatively, you can go directly to StreamIT.ME and login to your account. From there, go to Your Account -> Receivers, locate the receiver you wish to associate with your Plex server and click the link to edit it.

Step 2

Enter the details for you Plex account. You will only have to do this once.

Step 3

If successfully authenticated with Plex, you will next be presented with a list of your Plex servers. Choose the one you wish to associate with.

The server you connect to MUST NOT have HTTPS mode set to required.

You Are Connected!

That's it. You can now use the Search and Directory features inside Multistream to play content from your Plex server.