While Multistream is our flagship product, allowing you to play and share audio and video within SecondLife, it would not be possible without our purpose built streaming platform StreamIT.ME

Very shortly we will be releasing a Developers SDK, allowing you to build your own SecondLife media products using our platform to do a lot of the hard work for you. This leaves you do to what you are best at, making great products for your customers, without having to worry about the not inconsiderable complications of interacting with the many different media providers.

The SDK will contain :-

What Does It Do?

In brief ..

Find out more about the general features of the platform on the About page.

What Does It Not Do?

How Do I Obtain the SDK?

The SDK can be obtained from the Market Place for a nominal fee. You will need land to rez it. Inside the SDK box, you will find the items listed above. You can then also rez the free Developer API Key that is contained inside. When you rez this, you will be automatically signed up at StreamIT.ME as a developer, and you will be sent an API key. Place this key inside the API.key notecard alongside the Stream Link script and reset the entire object to try out the examples. You can at anytime use your Developer page to manage any API keys you have purchased (you should at least visit this page to set a new passord for your developer account).

Are There Any Usage Limitations?

In short, yes ...

How Do I Get Help?

Help with using the SDK can be got from :-